A Leading Electrician for Anketell

Make the right choice for your property. Westwing Electrical helps home and business-owners across the Anketell area access quality electrical support. With a dedication to customer service and a depth of technical knowledge, we deliver exceptional results on projects of every size and complexity. Whether you need a lighting system installed or a wiring fault located and repaired, we’re the electrical contractor for you.

It’s important for every property-owner to work with a skilled electrician who they can trust to ensure that all wiring and systems are installed and maintained correctly. We want to give more property owners the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional, so we offer our services at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Whether you own a large industrial facility or a small, two-bedroom home, we want to be your preferred electrician. Start a conversation with us and find out how we could help you.

The smart choice for your home or business

Westwing Electrical provides a comprehensive range of electrical services, helping everyone ensure that their property is safe, energy-efficient and fully functional. We pride ourselves on our versatility, meeting the needs of a diverse clientele owning properties of every description from factories to working farms to detached homes, apartment complexes and corporate offices.

From collaborating with the construction team to ensure that your freshly built home comes pre-equipped with safe, energy-efficient wiring and electrical systems to installing back-up generators for businesses with mission-critical equipment, we do it all efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing you quality work each and every time.

We can also provide servicing and installation for air conditioners, kitchen appliances, hot water systems, smoke detectors and other related systems, ensuring that we’ve got an answer to every question.

Delivering quality results across southern Perth

Choose the team of experienced electricians at Westwing Electrical. Start a conversation with our staff today and find out how we could support you. Call us on 0412 800 585, or send us a message through our contact page or via email at westwingelectrical@bigpond.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.